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Kitschy Office Turns into Bad Ass Man Cave

Before: A Comfortable Living/Office Room Our client in Corona Del Mar wanted to ditch the traditional office trend and create a sleek, sophisticated space to unwind. As a dad of two, he wanted a relaxed comfortable vibe with an organic feeling. So, we incorporated some modern pieces to bring his vision to life. Thankfully, Global […]

10 Ways to Survive the Pasadena Flea Market!

But while I was dripping in sweat on the blacktop wedged between a Lucite chandelier and a couple of oars, carrying a mannequin under one arm, I saw a football.
In our family, a flea market is like a regular season game, a garage sale is a practice and the Rose Bowl Flea Market is our Super Bowl.

Design Hubby – What’s the Buzz About?

Meet that Dude Behind every great interior designer is a dude carrying boxes. Here’s how I became that dude… I launched the Design Hubby blog to document the evolution of an interior designer’s husband. When I met my wife 11 years ago, she was completing design school while working for a builder in Charlotte, North […]